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An American Chiropractor In Bucharest | Dr. Lou Jacobs

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Dr. Lou Jacobs is an American Chiropractor in Bucharest. He works out of the offices of Intermedicas Worldwide and offers evaluation and treatment during his quarterly visits to Romania.

Dr. Lou’s next trip to Bucharest is in February of 2015. He will be available from Monday the 2nd to Wednesday the 25th of February 2015. Dr. Lou is currently the only American chiropractor in Bucharest.

Originally from Maine, he ultimately graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri in 2002. In addition to being a family chiropractor, Dr. Lou has a couple of specialties, one is in pediatric and perinatal chiropractic. Dr. Lou was trained by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. He also specializes in the health, injuries and treatment of professional musicians. If you are looking for an American chiropractor in Bucharest, contact Intermedicas Worldwide at (+40) 21 222 1370.
The staff speaks English and is ready to schedule your initial exam and consultation.




Dr. Lou Jacobs - American Chiropractor In Bucharest - +40 21 222 1370

Dr. Lou Jacobs – American Chiropractor In Bucharest –      +40 21 222 1370


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